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Ray-Ban sunglasses ZIPPO lighters and Harley-Davidson motorcycles and the same as the symbol of American culture, the English called Ray-Ban Ray-Ban, the first half of the 20th century, wearing a pair of Ray-Ban lens is the gusto of the biggest names in the entertainment industry, Cary Grant, Audrey Hepburn is its loyal. The next recommendation is the Ray-Ban Ray-Ban RB2132 Wayfarer series polarized sunglasses, using green crystal mineral lenses, coating can prevent 100% UV400, in outdoor light conditions can effectively prevent UV damage, the classic Wayfarer frames retro look, lens width 50mm, height 45mm, frame is handmade in Italy, it is possible to bring you any comfort wear environment, as one of the world's most popular style glasses, either good eye protection, but also for their own gift fashion style. Ray-Ban gives the impression, has a classic and personality, whether it is advertising, or design. The launch of a new folding metal sunglasses cheap ray ban is definitely in it again to refresh the praise, the expected value of the absolute explosion lights! For the classic remodeling, Ray-Ban brand with its full conviction that we open a new chapter in fashion , this is more than a particularly convenient folding metal sunglasses storage into the bag but also and especially cool, you have to buy ah! If you want to choose the most popular eyewear brand, Ray Ban believe will be a lot of people answer in mind.

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Retro style is popular, popular brand Ray Ban is also trendy, reshape the former a classic design, once again bring surprises. From 11 years to sell the first team, the more in love with 3025, we would see no itchy, but the price is quite expensive. Only see the discount go to start, and the proliferation of fake Ray Ban, it is generally only willing to start at LensCrafters, Ole other places. I love Ray-ban's first time to buy do not know, but cheap ray ban sunglasses did not muddle wrong, gun color 302558, ray bans cheap relatively classic, rare (Beijing eyeglasses building floor store will carry some of the commemorative edition, some rare models). Later, the clerk said Tuo Mashi, gun-colored 3025 is the first price ray bans sale increase in several other colors. Gold began afraid, I feel too blatantly, want to buy the black box, but after wearing felt too boring, so silver, gun color is ray ban love. In another income after these two, more in love with gold, only the follow-up of golden 3025 62,8029. The next step should be the income of a mercury bar ~ Dragon Boat Festival to see the network description, I know why earlier saw a golden RayBan Why so expensive, actually to 3900! The original is the 70th anniversary edition, titanium frame, diamond lens, maximum configuration of Le Pen! Limited 300, then hastened and ran OK, and found that physical and network introduces some discrepancies: number more than K, for the 8029-K, and unlimited number Rayban nose pads and different lettering. The manager could not say why, in-store training PPT no introduction. But look at the membership card discounts and give copies of it to buy a hot head. Home carefully check the information, so this really is two: one is a limited edition, LOGO with diamonds, expressed as a diamond lens, there are a limited number; a similarly to 8029, with P PLUS logo, unlimited number, But with the 70th anniversary edition, and both had been discontinued. At the same time there is a silver version of the same paragraph. P PLUS version of the market there is a very small amount of inventory, expensive; Diamond version is already out of print. 1929, the US Army military aviation John MacCready will find a medical equipment manufacturer to inquire if he could develop a new type of sunglasses to withstand high intensity sunlight when flying at high altitude, then P-12 fighter has Army Air Force was ordered, whether flying height and speed than in the past has greatly improved, many pilots by strong sunlight exposure nausea, dizziness symptoms.

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Manufacturers are looking for is in MacCready Bausch & Lomb, 1936, Bausch & Lomb introduced a green lens, plastic-coated frame sunglasses, which can effectively prevent the stimulation of sunlight without blurred vision. But for pilots who durable plastic frame is too short, the second year of Bausch & Lomb put it into a metal frame, and named "Ray-Ban Aviator" Aviator glasses for this. In 1937, Ray-Ban is the birth of the era of big waves were thrown at a drop of water. Just four years later, its shadow will appear in a real battle with the United cheap ray bans States Army Air Corps. 1941, attack on Pearl Harbor pulled the US into a real war. I remember the movie "Pearl Harbor" Why, Ben Affleck plays Rafe left for the battlefields of Europe, it is by wearing Ray-Ban, which should be poster series compiled for Le Pen initial impression. Is this year, has retired from the US Army 61 years Douglas MacArthur called back to the army as a US military commander in the Far East, the legendary life of five-star general has a glorious victory, also has a humiliating defeat. Of course, the most highly anticipated surrender ceremony should still "Missouri" September 2, 1945 on, that time MacArthur was appointed by President Truman as the Supreme Allied Commander in Japan, on behalf of allies to sign the surrender. From start to finish, and McArthur left "American Veterans" image that everyone is extremely recognizable corn pipe and Ray-Ban glasses.

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